So, I finally planted a decent garden! I’m really stoked on my backyard right now. There was a huge pepper tree there that was around 90 years old. It was great for shade during the summer, but was really messy and killed anything that tried to grow in the backyard. I kept bugging the property manager to to trim it because it was growing into the house, and one day last spring they decided it was dying and removed the whole thing (controversial). This was definitely a sad and heavy day, but ultimately I’m really glad to have all of the sunlight and open sky! Though they shredded a lot of branches and logs, we were still left with an abundancet of humongous logs in our backyard which I am slowly trying to move and do stuff with. I finally got around to making some raised beds out of the logs!
There are cherry tomatoes, basil, chilli peppers in the first and spring salad mix in the second. I also planted another bed a few months ago which my cat completely destroyed on a nightly basis, which is what prompted the chicken wire. But, despite his eeforts, I still managed to get a half dozen solid fava beans, and what looks like some onion and hopefully some kale.
I transplanted this stuff from the frontyard a few months ago. I think the rosemary died. That artichoke is going to go big though.
Roommate Matt redid the firepit. We had to deconstruct the old one when they removed the tree. This one is simpler, I really like it.
So yeah, hopefully stuff will grow! I can already see some tiny spring salad sprouts, so that is exciting. I’ll post an update in a month or so.

In other news, I don’t think I’m going to keep my running mileage total going. It’s kind of tedious, and if I really wanted to do it right I could just buy a couple of cycling computers for my bikes, but that’s just not my style I guess. I will however continue to try take pictures when I go on sweet new rides, because it’s always fun to look back on those pictures anyways.

Until next time!