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Inspired by SHIFT Vegan’s Easter Brunch post, I decided it was finally time to try and make some good ol’ biscuits and gravy. I got the biscuit recipe from They were pretty easy to make.
For the gravy I used almond milk, Spectrum spread (beware, this stuff is weird), all-purpose flour, and the rest of that Gimme Lean sausage sautéed with some mushrooms and a couple of kale leaves from the garden for good measure.

The gravy turned about a bit thick, I should’ve added a bit more liquid a the end. It actually reminded me more of a stuffing with the kale, but was still damn good if I don’t say so myself!

Well, things are going pretty well out in the garden.

Here is the salad mix I failed miserably at eating. I probably got about of a dozen salads out of it, I just planted way too much! Here it’s all bolted and turns out to be a bunch of mustard. I thought it was a little spicy.

There’s the cilantro hiding between the kale and fava beans. It’s kind of a tangle but it still tastes great!

My tomatoes finally reached the tops of their cages, but the basil and peppers are taking their sweet time. The weather has been weird lately.

Here are the corn and bush beans I planted.

Also honeydew, squash, and eggplant (left to right).

That artichoke is still hanging in there, now with a sunflower and a bunch of random mint.

So I figured it was time to do something with that cilantro and decided to make some pesto, which I found a recipe for at Simply Recipes.

Here’s my cilantro harvest, it’s about half of what I had growing. I thought I had more than I did! This stuff goes fast.


The Magic Bullet kind of came through for me on this one, but required a bit of coaxing. It turned out great in the end though!

Then I blended up (again with a little coaxing) the leftover onions, some garlic, and Italian Seasoning with some Smart Ground sausage. tI turned out kind of a weird texture, but really tasty. Here I am sautéing the sausage with mushrooms to go with some pesto rotini.

It actually all looked much prettier today as leftovers!

I had a really nice bike ride today with my brother and another buddy. Dang the weather was beautiful. We started at Highway 1 and Old Creek Road just south of Cayucos, rode north to Highway 46, up 46 to Old creek Road, and down Old Creek road to Highway 1 right back where we started. It was about 34 miles, and 3,600 feet of climbing. I started the day with a nice big bowl of açaí-apple granola with a banana and soymilk, and a glass of OJ (See? Now I’m finally tying this this thing all together!).
Then a little later I ate a few bagels with Tofutti cream cheese and strawberries and rode back home about 18 miles to San Luis.

Note: All pictures taken while riding my bike, unless otherwise noted. I’m a crazy bike photographer. Is that a desirable trait?

Here we are about to turn up 46.

Near the top, I swear you could see Morro Rock but my camera couldn’t pick it up.

I ❤ this bike.


I actually cranked her up to 41.8 on one of the last hills. It’s a new record. Man, I just bought that little computer and I’ve already scratched it up so bad, poor thing.
max 41.8

Old Creek Road is really pretty. ldcrkrd

Here’s a new one for my “pictures taken w/ animals while riding a bicycle” series.

There was actually about a dozen of these guys and gals right by the fence, even a couple babies. I wished I would have stopped to take more pictures, they were really amazing!

I took a picture of this cool crane like a quarter mile before the Cayucos sign the day before.

I finally took pictures of some of the great food I get to make at work.
I work for a lady named Vraja who has a business named Vraja’s Kitchen. We mostly sell food at Farmer’s Markets but also do catering and other events (concerts, festivals, etc.). It’s a pretty kickass job.

Tonight I baked a bunch of stuff. First I made baklava.

Then I made 35 samosas. The filling, which Vraja made (she’s the pro), is made from spinach, chickpeas, almonds, and other goodness.
samosa closa

Then I made 30 calzones, filled with artichoke hearts, green peas, bell peppers, tomato sauce, etc.

And then I made this huge stromboli thing made with different types of cabbage, carrots, green olives, and awesome spices (which I also did not make the filling for), but I didn’t have time to bake it so I’ll have to take a picture of one of those next time.

We also ordered a pizza from Pizza Fusion, which was really good, and fun because I don’t think I’ve ever order a pizza at work before.

Sorry, my blog, for the lack of updates. I guess I just haven’t been that inspired to post anything lately, or haven’t felt the need to (or possibly just too lazy) or a few times I actually did make some really delicious food and only got really crappy pictures of it, and nobody wants to see that.

I think I might need to further refine exactly what it is that I want to blog about, rather than just my life in general, in order to stay more excited about it. I’m thinking maybe more focused on gardening and harvest preserving type stuff, but we’ll see. Also I just started tweeting and it seems a more acceptable place for unfocused ramblings and inane details. For anyone that’s interested I’m @thssrgr.

I had a great last six weeks or so, one of which consisted of a nice spring break from classes. I rode my bikes a ton, camped a little bit, surfed, hiked, did all kinds of fun stuff.

My first big ride I met a bunch of cool animals

Some cows behind Cal Poly

Donkeys down one Toro Creek dead end.

And different-sized horses down another!

These goats were at this awesome lady’s house who informed me that yes, it was indeed a dead end.

I even saw some peacocks but they ran away before I could get a picture of them.

Here I am riding to Creston on this cool Highway 229 that’s mostly just one lane for both directions!

Some deer I saw.

I climbed this crazy “tree 9” in Santa Cruz again for the second time. It is a pretty incredible experience, it’s like 150 feet tall and you can get right to the very top and get this crazy view, which I did not take a very good picture of.
tree 9

I also rode my bike home from Big Sur on the last day of Spring Break! It was a beautiful sunny day, I had an amazing tailwind the whole way, and made almost 90 miles in just under six hours! Here I am at the waterfall everyone takes pictures of.

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