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Garden update time, I’ve got some new pretty flowers to show off.
So here she is, click on the picture for unbridled panoramic glory.

Lots of flowers! I’ll start on the left. Here’s my honeydew, I can’t wait to see if this actually works. I love melon strategy.. just biding its time with its small leaves and then BAM! tendrils, what’s up now.

The summer squash, right on time.

Eggplant, hanging in there.

Pretty bean flowers and some corn.

Basil and tomatoes, my Italian wonderland.

A regrettably bad picture of the kale and flowered cilantro.

And the star of the show, fava beans!

Oh yeah can’t forget about this little trooper. Check him out!

So yeah, fava beans! Tonight I made a fava bean hummus with kale that just blew my mind.

I pretty much followed this recipe and added in a few leaves of kale.

Oh yeah and another thing! I don’t peel my carrots, I don’t pare my potatoes, and I most certainly do not skin my fava beans. Not for this recipe anyway, though I most certainly do appreciate their beautiful color. I heard inner beauty is more important anyways.

So I went out to work at the farm yesterday morning for my weekly work/trade hours and finally took my camera to get some pictures, I’d been meaning to for so long. Here are some of the crops I helped harvest:





There you can see the forks I was referring to, used in harvesting underground stuff like the carrots and potatoes. I’ve been doing some major damage out there lately since the purchase of my first vegan boots, check these babies out:

“Vegetarian Shoes, Made in England”

I’ve nearly perfected the jumping double foot boot stomp over the past few weeks, I feel invincible in these things. Here’s a shot of the field where we were working yesterday morning.
I wish I would’ve gotten more pictures, I was trying to be quick and discrete. The farm is much bigger than just this of course; there’s a whole nother field and also a compound area with a greenhouse, packshed, experimental/children’s garden, and much more! This post is also sadly incomplete without a picture of the amazing bounty that is my CSA share every week, I will be sure to try and get one of those soon.

I am currently obsessed with peanut sauce. I’m participating in a work/trade program at the organic farm at school, so for four hours of work a week I get a huge CSA box. It’s pretty rad. The biggest challenge is finding things to do with all of the veggies every week, and I found I’ll very glady eat pretty much anything with peanut sauce on it.
Last night I made something inspired by M Cafe’s “Kale with Spicy Peanut Dressing” but on steroids.

Here I’m frying up the kale, carrots, onions (these three from the farm), mushrooms, and shoyu-marinated dry-fried tofu.

I’m also really digging on the beet chips lately, especially because I’ve never really liked beets that much and there are massive amounts of them on the farm right now. Hand-sliced, that’s what’s up.

They’re just tossed with olive oil and sea salt and baked at 400 for about an hour. It’s incredibly effective in creating tastiness.

Sure, it may not look that pretty now…

But what doesn’t look great wrapped in a tortilla? It’s international fusion!

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