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I harvested the first of these from the garden yesterday.

The beans.

Which I bite-sized and tossed with onions garlic, salt, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Then these got roasted for like 45 minutes at 375ish. They turned out good!

Here’s a couple squash.

Which I also bite-sized.

The squash went into the wok followed by some storebought mushrooms, some homemade seitan (from vital wheat gluten), and fresh kale from the garden.

I’m sharing this picture solely for it’s creepy meatinees. This is post-boiling and cutting. I then coated the pieces in cornstarch and pre-fried them as per this recipe before adding them to the mix. So so good.



I also made an orange type sauce very loosely based on the aforementioned recipe, which turned out really good and interesting.

I also made a box of fancy rice pilaf so that made it a pretty rare three-item combo night.

I got my first good harvest of basil from the garden yesterday and made a double recipe of of Isa’s “Classic Pesto” from Vegan With A Vengeance. Good stuff, I highly recommend it!

Here over sourdough and rotini.

Yeah, yeah I know that’s a lot of carbs or something (I’m no nutritionist). This was just the last stuff I had on hand before a grocery store trip. My meals don’t usually look that one-sided, Anyways, the pesto was good! I’ve already made another batch since then.

Well I just had a really fun trip up the coast to attend anawesome potluck near Santa Cruz hosted by fellow PPK’r ameyfm and immortalized on her blog, Vegan Eats & Treats.

I rode about 250 miles over five days, which was a really nice enjoyable pace. I used regional buses a few times also, which was super convenient and a nice way to cover some ground quickly.

I unfortunately also did a pretty slacky job of photo documentation, but here are some highlights:

I started by taking the bus to Hearst Castle, which gave me a nice early start and big boost up the coast by 8:15 in the morning.

I saw some elephant seals.

And some very bold squirrels. I was about six inches away.

And some cows.

Here’s my bike in Gorda. There were a ton of wildflowers all over the place so I had a couple bouquets going. Unfortunately there were no llamas here, though I did get to see some later!

I camped in Big Sur that night, about 70 miles north of where I started.
The weather was really beautiful the whole trip. There was a little rain the next morning in Big Sur (it seemed appropriate) but everything dried up pretty quickly once I got into Carmel. That day I made it up to New Brighton State Beach, about another 70 miles. They had a bicycle-only camp section which was really nice and grassy, and close to the ocean.

The next day was the potluck, and I was freaking stuffed. Holy crap all of the food was so amazing, sorry to make you jealous but PPK potlucks are the shizz.

That evening I made it down to Sunset Beach in Watsonville, where a bunch of rad people were camping for the first night of the Santa Cruz Bike Church Bike Tour.

This one dude Josh built (like from scratch) this amazing freaking rig called a “Small-Haul” which I’ll just let you look at. And his dog rides in front! Genius!

There was like a dozen of them at that point and that was supposed to almost double by the next day. I really wanted to ride with them because I’m sure it would have been awesome, but needing to make it farther than they were headed I just passed out early and got an early start the next day.

I made it down to Monterey that following morning just in time to catch the bus to Big Sur for a burrito at lunchtime, fixed a flat tire, and then stopped for the first time a bit down the road at the Henry Miller Library. This place is really incredible. I bought Big Sur and the Oranges of Heironymus Bosch (also seemed appropriate), my first Henry Miller book and I am really enjoying it so far. I think I’m going to make a special trip back up there to by Tropic of Cancer when I’m done with this one.

Here is some of their lawn art.

I then continued on to Kirk Creek, for a total of about 80 miles that day. The sunset that night was pretty epic, here’s the view from sitting at my campsite picnic table.

The next morning I rode about 30 miles back down to San Simeon, and then caught the bus back home. Success!

Getting amped to go on a bike trip this weekend up to Santa Cruz and back via Big Sur, so I decided to make my own energy bars.
I forget where I first saw this idea, it was on a blog post about imitating Lara Bars. But yeah, medjool dates are a wonderful thing.

The first variation is like a PB&J flavor with the dates, dried cranberries, and peanuts.

I basically just kept cutting everything together with a big knife until it was all small and stuck together well, and voila!

The next variation was pretty awesome. It’s carob chips, dried apricots, and a crazy nut mix (almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sunflower seeds, pecans, soybeans, peanuts, etc.)

For this one I started by chopping up the apricots really small and grinding up the nut mix in a blender. Then I put the carob chips in a casserole dish over very low heat to melt them down a little bit. Once ithey were pretty melty I dumped the other stuff in, mixed it all around, and then flattened it out. After a few hours in the fridge it was ready to be cut up into bars. Bad picture, but these babys are gonna be good!

Clif Bars eat your heart out!

Just kidding Clif Bars you know I love you.

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