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A TKP? This was a really great sandwich I made the other day with some of Isa’s Marinated Asian Tofu from V’con.

Here it is on toasted sourdough with Earth Balance, fresh kale from the garden, and some sauteed red bell peppers with tamari.

Halve’d and beer’d.

I was at the bike shop the other day and as I was leaving I saw the most glorious sight; the storefront for Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates, our local purveyor of Fair Trade and Organic Chocolate of all shapes and sizes. It smells so freaking good in this store, they make everything directly in the back. I had been mistaken in thinking they were distributing their stuff through a local clam chowder place just up the street and hadn’t gotten motivated enough to go check it out yet, so this was great news!

The lady who helped me was very knowledgeable and nice. Almost everything they have that’s vegan is labeled as such, which is also really cool.They have a bunch of specialty vegan stuff, mostly in the form of truffles, caramels, bars, and even dark chocolate-dipped Newman-O’s, one of which I did not get but definitely wanted. Actually I’m not sure if those were vegan or not.. dang, I guess I’ll have to go back and double-check.

I ended up buying an assorted half-dozen including, clock-wise from top:

a coconut truffle, a hazelnut caramel, an almond truffle, a vanilla caramel, a chocolate caramel, and a traditional truffle.


This was just about seven minutes of heaven, spread out over a day or two of course.

I harvested some more garden basil the other day, enough to make about four more batches of Isa’s Classic Pesto from VWaV.

I decided to use this and the rest of the seitan (VWaV) from my previous entry along with some Tofu-Basil Ricotta (VWaV) to make a couple of the most vengeful vegan pizzas ever.

I apologize beforehand for my terrible lighting situation.



In sliced format.

And an inside-shot.

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