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Oops! I forgot to blog for a month or so there. Well, I’m back in full-effect, just in time for VeganMoFo, ya heard?

I’ll start things off easy with a little garden update. Things are in a bit of limbo right now, I’ve expanded to the front yard and hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.

We’ll start in the backyard. Here we’ve got some type of squash (love those volunteers), popcorn (yes I know, it’s just for looks), and some potatoes.


Here’s a view looking towards the front.

Here’s that honeydew melon and eggplant.

Looking back; some more volunteer squash, artichokes, beans, and a banana tree (also just for looks, what a shallow garden)!
092209 020

Hopefully this popcorn will work, I’m still learning.

Here’s lettuce coming up in the front yard.
baby lettuce

I planted these sugar snap peas in the very front and was going to trellis them up. My landlord came in just as they emerged and trampled them all down putting in this FOR SALE sign. They’re pretty tenacious though, there are a few survivors.

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