I almost didn’t MoFo today because I was feeling a little busy (school and work, you know how it is), but this recipe came together so nice and easily that I just couldn’t resist. I just decided to make a quick pasta dinner, inspired by VWAV‘s  Fettuccine Alfreda (I freaking love that book, it’s definitely my go-to). I boiled some pasta, then sauteed some onion, summer squash and bell pepper in a separate pan. After the pasta was done and drained I added in about 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, maybe 1/8 cup of Braggs, a nice slug of olive oil,  some garlic powder, Italian Seasonings, and the sauteed veggies and stirred them up good. I’ve made some bad impromptu cheezy sauces before, but trust me this was a good one!