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Well needless to say, that patch of lettuce in the front yard from the Fall didn’t survive. The ground was so hard and gravelly, the little sprouts were washed away with the first light rain. I hadn’t done nearly enough to prepare the soil, having not even purchased my first digging fork at that point. Well this year I’ll probably try again with something else (probably more like cover-crop style), but first I had to try again to break up that compacted soil. Here’s a short video clip trying to demonstrate just how hard it is. I swear some of this stuff was so tough there was no way I was going to break it up with just a digging fork.

Bound and determined, I brought home the broadfork I recently purchased from This is one of the most amazing pieces of equipment I’ve ever owned or even used, and I’ve been using it like crazy up at Wormy Acres Farm, the large garden I am starting for my senior project up in Atascadero.

Here are two clips (1, 2)of the broadfork in action (sorry, my camera only takes 10 second video, and only that if I’m lucky!)

And finally a clip of the finished product. I apologize the video doesn’t illustrate better, but seriously this was pretty amazing!

So here is a picture of the whole thing, I think I might separate it into two smaller beds or something.

And the backyard, pretty much a blank canvas as well.

Except for the pak choi and this artichoke.

Pretty boring post I know, sorry! Check out the Wormy Acres Farm blog, it’s funner right now!

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