Alright here’s another garden update. Things are getting better and better!

Here’s one of the artichokes and some lettuce which I’ve eaten a lot of.

You can barely see the little flower here.

I’m really stoked about this long planter I made by pulling the old beds away from the fence so you can walk all around. Bottom to top there are; chives, sage, kale, beets, popcorn, a tomato, and random beans and stuff mixed in.

Here are the the other artichokes and the banana tree, understandably suffering a bit in their new conditions. Sorry guys I know it’s rough, you just have to tough it out!

Here’s another planter I made from the old popcorn bed (last Fall). Now there is some some stevia at the top, strawberries at the bottom, with beans and summer squash planted in the middle.

Here you can see the main attraction where we moved the bricks around to make some paths (as opposed to here a year and a half ago). There’s all kind of good stuff planted around there: broccoli, kale, collards, beets, carrots, potatoes, squash, beans, tomatoes, herbs, flowers, we really packed it in!

Our little compost are got an upgrade as well. Pretty simple, just some hardware cloth connected with zip ties. But it seems to be working pretty well, definitely better than before.

And here’s the barley I planted in the front yard in February. Barley makes beer!