I suppose an annual update is better than none at all. Much has changed though much is the same.

I’m still on that vegan lifestyle, still feeling healthy and strong. I’m still in a trailer at Lindencroft Farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Uno is doing well here; since the Red House this has been the longest I’ve stayed in one place with him. It may be the best place for a cat to live in the whole world, at very least in the top ten. Most of my clothes are the same as last year (got some new t-shirts, socks, and undies), still riding my Long Haul Trucker, and I still get to play some music here and there.

Otherwise this year has brought many changes. I’m practicing and teaching yoga almost every single day now. I really love this new job, it is so challenging and fulfilling. I’ve got a ways to go still to pay for my training (thanks Bank of America!) as this yoga scene doesn’t pay too well at first, but I really love my new job and haven’t a single regret about it. I was so fortunate to be able to begin teaching here in Santa Cruz right out of the gate which I can still hardly believe. The timing was just right and my home studio Village Yoga was able to give me six classes per week, an incredible blessing as this town is lousy with amazing and experienced yogis. In the Fall I picked up another two classes each week at a hidden treasure, Ease Mountain Yoga in Ben Lomond where I live. Juko Holiday, the studio owner, has been so conducive to my growth as a teacher, encouraging me and providing the space for me to expand my teaching repertoire. Now I am teaching one Vinyasa Class (Beginner’s Flow) and one Yin class there each week, something I never dreamed I’d be doing this time last year. The planets aligned for me to take over the Monday Night Yin class at Village Yoga as well, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be teaching multiple styles. Again, so scary and challenging at first but at the same time so rewarding. So along with attending classes nearly everyday and my work trade for rent at the farm I’ve been able to stay pretty busy.

I’ve been taking 2-3 Vinyasa classes each week with the force of nature that is Puja Chance, and it has enriched my practice beyond measure. Finally got those handstands down, so I can die happy now. And special thanks to Torrey Trover, another force of nature, she really resonated with me and I was hooked on her Yin style from the start. I am so excited to be attending her first Yin Yoga Teacher Training coming up in a few weeks at Mt. Madonna (B of A, making things happen).

On a more personal level, for the last month or so I’ve drastically cut back on my cannabis and alcohol intake, two things I’d been indulging in pretty freely for the last decade or so. It’s not easy! But if you’re like I was and are pretty high all the time I just want to encourage you take a step back and examine your patterns. I think shaking things up a bit and getting out of your comfort zone is always good, especially if it’s difficult. Often the things that are hard for us are things that will benefit us the most, or at least that’s what I read in all of these Yoga books. The great thing about cannabis, and probably alcohol too: less is definitely more! So the last month or so has been a little intense, I’d been bottling up my emotions for a long time there so I guess I was overdue to actually feel some feelings. It’s definitely not fun to be sad in the moment, but it sure feels good when it’s over. About two months prior to that my sweetheart of four years and I parted ways, I’m so glad to say that we’re still friends. That was also rough but I just want to publicly proclaim how grateful I am for the years that we spent together, and for all the memories we have both “good” and “bad”. They’re all good memories now. She really helped me to grow, I only wish I might’ve grown a little faster for her sake, but I think everything is as it’s meant to be so again: Love and Gratitude.

I suppose that’s enough for now, let’s see if I can’t get back on here again before New Years.