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Still failing at regular updates.

I’ve been gardening a lot this last year or so. I moved onto the farm where I was working in Ben Lomond last June and I worked there a few days a week. It’s really more like a humongous garden: a couple acres of terraced hillsides, hoophouses, row crops, raised beds, fruit trees, trellised hops, CSA box variety veggies.. it’s a very special place.

Another large chunk of my time I’ve been spending working for my buddy Covey at Rewild Designs helping to perform all manner of awesome landscape transformations around the Santa Cruz area. We get to work with a lot of native plants, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and other fun stuff like that.

I have some newish music up at my Green Waves page, and another recording project which I’m very excited about should be up shortly. I had the tremendous pleasure and honor to work with my good friends at Rat Palace Records to record a 4-song EP mostly live and mostly to analog tape, which for me was a dream I’d wanted to realize for most of my career as a musician. I’m very happy with how it’s turned out and can’t wait to get it finished up and available to share.

At the moment I’m living in Santa Barbara for one more month where I am attending a teacher-training from evolation yoga called the HotTT. It is based on Bikram’s 26-posture series and has been a really great experience thus far. Included in this 500-hour training are certifications in Synergy Partner Yoga and Rainbow Kids Yoga, both of which I am very excited about!

If I’ve learned anything this past year it is that we can benefit greatly by letting go of our attachments and living every day to the fullest with love, compassion, and gratitude. Obviously I’m getting pretty into this yoga stuff, but I do really think they are on to something. We are all riding this out together on this spaceship planet and we are all on the same team here, so please just try to be nice to each other and enjoy the ride! I promise I will try to do the same. Until next time, namaste.

Some more bike trailer stuff!
Bass and drums.

Here I am loaded up to head down to the Avila Beach Farmer’s Market for the Cal Poly Organic Farm.

It’s a pretty nice spot to work.

So that was probably the biggest and furthest unassisted haul I’ve done. It was a doozy for sure, but fun (especially in retrospect).

Well now I’ve got this sweet electric motor kit from E+ Electric Bikes on my bike, which is a whole nother story. It’s a trade-off in many ways, but overall I can definitely do a lot more work with it. And though it has its fair share of unique frustrations, mostly it’s a much faster (funner?) ride. Here it is loaded up with veggies from Wormy Acres Farm.

Here’s another garden update, you know you love them!

Looking backwards.

That barley turned out pretty good.

Also I got a sweet new bike trailer! I’ve been using it like crazy, continuing my weekly voyages up to Wormy Acres Farm. Just today I did my first bike delivery of CSA shares for the Cal Poly Organic Farm. My co-worker Theo took some pics.

I liked this one:


Action shot:

Also, sourdough cheeze pizza.

Yum!! I’ve really been enjoying artichokes this year. I just boil them with garlic, salt, lemon juice, and a bay leaf. I leave on as much of the stem as possible and dip them in some kind of sauce. So far I’ve eaten them with Goddess dressing, spicy peanut sauce, and my popcorn sauce mixture (sriracha, nutritional yeast, shoyu, and melted Earth Balance) all of which were pretty darn good.

Let’s see what else…
Oh here is Uno, he has been doing just fine.

I’ve been using my bike trailer like crazy, making weekly trips up to Wormy Acres Farm hauling compost one way and veggies the other. I’ve also been doing restaurant deliveries for the Cal Poly Organic Farm.

And here I’ve got it loaded down with musical stuff.

I’ve got a 5 foot Heavy Duty Hybrid Cargo trailer on the way from Tony’s Trailers. It should be here on Monday, I’m very excited!

That’s about it for now, until next time.

Alright here’s another garden update. Things are getting better and better!

Here’s one of the artichokes and some lettuce which I’ve eaten a lot of.

You can barely see the little flower here.

I’m really stoked about this long planter I made by pulling the old beds away from the fence so you can walk all around. Bottom to top there are; chives, sage, kale, beets, popcorn, a tomato, and random beans and stuff mixed in.

Here are the the other artichokes and the banana tree, understandably suffering a bit in their new conditions. Sorry guys I know it’s rough, you just have to tough it out!

Here’s another planter I made from the old popcorn bed (last Fall). Now there is some some stevia at the top, strawberries at the bottom, with beans and summer squash planted in the middle.

Here you can see the main attraction where we moved the bricks around to make some paths (as opposed to here a year and a half ago). There’s all kind of good stuff planted around there: broccoli, kale, collards, beets, carrots, potatoes, squash, beans, tomatoes, herbs, flowers, we really packed it in!

Our little compost are got an upgrade as well. Pretty simple, just some hardware cloth connected with zip ties. But it seems to be working pretty well, definitely better than before.

And here’s the barley I planted in the front yard in February. Barley makes beer!

Well needless to say, that patch of lettuce in the front yard from the Fall didn’t survive. The ground was so hard and gravelly, the little sprouts were washed away with the first light rain. I hadn’t done nearly enough to prepare the soil, having not even purchased my first digging fork at that point. Well this year I’ll probably try again with something else (probably more like cover-crop style), but first I had to try again to break up that compacted soil. Here’s a short video clip trying to demonstrate just how hard it is. I swear some of this stuff was so tough there was no way I was going to break it up with just a digging fork.

Bound and determined, I brought home the broadfork I recently purchased from This is one of the most amazing pieces of equipment I’ve ever owned or even used, and I’ve been using it like crazy up at Wormy Acres Farm, the large garden I am starting for my senior project up in Atascadero.

Here are two clips (1, 2)of the broadfork in action (sorry, my camera only takes 10 second video, and only that if I’m lucky!)

And finally a clip of the finished product. I apologize the video doesn’t illustrate better, but seriously this was pretty amazing!

So here is a picture of the whole thing, I think I might separate it into two smaller beds or something.

And the backyard, pretty much a blank canvas as well.

Except for the pak choi and this artichoke.

Pretty boring post I know, sorry! Check out the Wormy Acres Farm blog, it’s funner right now!

I’ve had some great luck so far this tomato season making sauce from scratch, at first I couldn’t believe how easy it was! My endeavor today consisted of sauteing green onions, garlic, bell peppers, mushrooms, and basil in olive oil while blending up a blenderful of tomatoes from the backyard. I added some paprika, pepper, and Italian seasonings to the saute, then the blended tomatoes, and simmered it down for about two hours. I finished it off by adding some sauteed Tofurkey Italian sausage.

Here’s the whole mix over some toasted Mini Spinach Pizzas from Trader Joe’s.


Oops! I forgot to blog for a month or so there. Well, I’m back in full-effect, just in time for VeganMoFo, ya heard?

I’ll start things off easy with a little garden update. Things are in a bit of limbo right now, I’ve expanded to the front yard and hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.

We’ll start in the backyard. Here we’ve got some type of squash (love those volunteers), popcorn (yes I know, it’s just for looks), and some potatoes.


Here’s a view looking towards the front.

Here’s that honeydew melon and eggplant.

Looking back; some more volunteer squash, artichokes, beans, and a banana tree (also just for looks, what a shallow garden)!
092209 020

Hopefully this popcorn will work, I’m still learning.

Here’s lettuce coming up in the front yard.
baby lettuce

I planted these sugar snap peas in the very front and was going to trellis them up. My landlord came in just as they emerged and trampled them all down putting in this FOR SALE sign. They’re pretty tenacious though, there are a few survivors.

I harvested some more garden basil the other day, enough to make about four more batches of Isa’s Classic Pesto from VWaV.

I decided to use this and the rest of the seitan (VWaV) from my previous entry along with some Tofu-Basil Ricotta (VWaV) to make a couple of the most vengeful vegan pizzas ever.

I apologize beforehand for my terrible lighting situation.



In sliced format.

And an inside-shot.

I harvested the first of these from the garden yesterday.

The beans.

Which I bite-sized and tossed with onions garlic, salt, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Then these got roasted for like 45 minutes at 375ish. They turned out good!

Here’s a couple squash.

Which I also bite-sized.

The squash went into the wok followed by some storebought mushrooms, some homemade seitan (from vital wheat gluten), and fresh kale from the garden.

I’m sharing this picture solely for it’s creepy meatinees. This is post-boiling and cutting. I then coated the pieces in cornstarch and pre-fried them as per this recipe before adding them to the mix. So so good.



I also made an orange type sauce very loosely based on the aforementioned recipe, which turned out really good and interesting.

I also made a box of fancy rice pilaf so that made it a pretty rare three-item combo night.

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