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We had a bunch of spinach from the farm at the house this week so I decided to to remake what might very well may be my favorite recipe from VWAV, Spanakopita!

I pretty much followed the recipe, except I didn’t have walnuts so I added mushrooms, bell peppers, and some soy sauce to make up for it. It totally worked for me.



I am currently obsessed with peanut sauce. I’m participating in a work/trade program at the organic farm at school, so for four hours of work a week I get a huge CSA box. It’s pretty rad. The biggest challenge is finding things to do with all of the veggies every week, and I found I’ll very glady eat pretty much anything with peanut sauce on it.
Last night I made something inspired by M Cafe’s “Kale with Spicy Peanut Dressing” but on steroids.

Here I’m frying up the kale, carrots, onions (these three from the farm), mushrooms, and shoyu-marinated dry-fried tofu.

I’m also really digging on the beet chips lately, especially because I’ve never really liked beets that much and there are massive amounts of them on the farm right now. Hand-sliced, that’s what’s up.

They’re just tossed with olive oil and sea salt and baked at 400 for about an hour. It’s incredibly effective in creating tastiness.

Sure, it may not look that pretty now…

But what doesn’t look great wrapped in a tortilla? It’s international fusion!

Well, things are going pretty well out in the garden.

Here is the salad mix I failed miserably at eating. I probably got about of a dozen salads out of it, I just planted way too much! Here it’s all bolted and turns out to be a bunch of mustard. I thought it was a little spicy.

There’s the cilantro hiding between the kale and fava beans. It’s kind of a tangle but it still tastes great!

My tomatoes finally reached the tops of their cages, but the basil and peppers are taking their sweet time. The weather has been weird lately.

Here are the corn and bush beans I planted.

Also honeydew, squash, and eggplant (left to right).

That artichoke is still hanging in there, now with a sunflower and a bunch of random mint.

So I figured it was time to do something with that cilantro and decided to make some pesto, which I found a recipe for at Simply Recipes.

Here’s my cilantro harvest, it’s about half of what I had growing. I thought I had more than I did! This stuff goes fast.


The Magic Bullet kind of came through for me on this one, but required a bit of coaxing. It turned out great in the end though!

Then I blended up (again with a little coaxing) the leftover onions, some garlic, and Italian Seasoning with some Smart Ground sausage. tI turned out kind of a weird texture, but really tasty. Here I am sautéing the sausage with mushrooms to go with some pesto rotini.

It actually all looked much prettier today as leftovers!

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