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Another long break there, sorry blog! I had to deprioritize you to ensure all my classes got passed. They did!
But also, the lady I work for has just recently (as of three weeks ago) opened a new restaurant in downtown SLO called Vraja’s Kitchen. It is in a pretty sweet location right next to the Mission and is the only exclusively vegan/vegetarian place in town! For more info, the website is and for even more info (daily menu specials, fresh baked bread days, customer reviews, etc.) you can join the Facebook group, just search for Vraja’s Kitchen.

I’ve been making jumbo Tiramisu Cupcakes there, they’re a hot item!

Also, I’ve been busy working on a quarter-acre garden at my parent’s house in Atascadero. I’m hoping to be able to grow some produce for the restaurant there, bring back the compost, all that good stuff! More info to follow soon.

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