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I finally took pictures of some of the great food I get to make at work.
I work for a lady named Vraja who has a business named Vraja’s Kitchen. We mostly sell food at Farmer’s Markets but also do catering and other events (concerts, festivals, etc.). It’s a pretty kickass job.

Tonight I baked a bunch of stuff. First I made baklava.

Then I made 35 samosas. The filling, which Vraja made (she’s the pro), is made from spinach, chickpeas, almonds, and other goodness.
samosa closa

Then I made 30 calzones, filled with artichoke hearts, green peas, bell peppers, tomato sauce, etc.

And then I made this huge stromboli thing made with different types of cabbage, carrots, green olives, and awesome spices (which I also did not make the filling for), but I didn’t have time to bake it so I’ll have to take a picture of one of those next time.

We also ordered a pizza from Pizza Fusion, which was really good, and fun because I don’t think I’ve ever order a pizza at work before.

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